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WRTR Program Objectives

The Spalding Scope and Sequence is divided into grade-level spelling, writing, and reading instructional objectives that are introduced, practiced, and in some cases, mastered. Spalding defines an instructional objective as a clear statement of what students should know and/or be able to do at the completion of a learning task.

Every instructional objective has two parts: the content to be learned and the observable and measurable behavior that demonstrates performance.

Coding Schema

The following codes are used throughout the scope and sequence to indicate the instructional level to which grade-level skills should be taught and assessed:

I/P: Introduce and Practice, but mastery (automaticity) by a majority of students is not expected.

P: Practice to achieve mastery (automaticity).

M: Mastery means accurate and automatic recall of grade-appropriate content and application of grade-appropriate skills by 80% of students 80% of the time.

R: Review to reinforce

  1. previously introduced content; and
  2. application of skills to new, grade-appropriate content.

C: Challenge for students who have achieved mastery of grade-level content and skills.

Grade Level Scope and Sequences

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