The Writing Road to

Education begins with literacy. The Writing Road to Reading (WRTR) is the book and program behind THE SPALDING METHOD®, which introduces students to the most fundamental pieces of the language. It’s an educational philosophy and methodology consisting of time-tested principles of learning. Its structured literacy approach provides them the tools to decode higher-level texts, becoming excellent analyzers, writers, and communicators. The Writing Road to Reading program is effective because it integrates four knowledge domains; reading process, reading development, skill learning, and effective instruction.
brother and sister with books on their heads
Writing Road To Reading th Edition by Romalda Spalding WRR

The Writing Road to

The sixth edition includes:

  • Lessons, Procedures, and Why This Method Works
    • Planning and Delivering of the Integrated
    • Language Arts Lessons and Instructions
    • Assessing and Evaluating Skills Mastery
    • Integrating Knowledge Domains
    • Advancing Literacy
  • Instructional Materials
    • Children’s Literature Recommendations
    • Phonograms
    • Morphology
    • Rules of Pronunciation, Spelling and Language
    • Spalding Spelling/Vocabulary Word Lists
    • Scope and Sequence