Check out what’s being said about THE SPALDING METHOD®.

“Despite having a master’s degree in learning disabilities, I was not successful in teaching my special education students (many of whom were dyslexic) what they most wanted to learn- how to read- until I took my first Spalding course in 1985. Since that time, I have seen many angry, withdrawn, or depressed students become eager, participating learners because they finally understand how English works. As I continue to teach students who are falling through the cracks of our education system, I know that I will never stop using this wonderful method.”
Eileen Oliver
Special Education Teacher
“Fort Caspar Academy has continued our journey of excellence as an Accredited Spalding School. We contribute our success in language arts to our partnership with Spalding. Our teachers are rigorously trained in all components of ELA. This in-depth training and continuing education ensures that our teachers are laying the foundation for all students to be successful readers and writers.

“We are proud to be an Exceeding School as measured by the Wyoming Accountability in Education Act. This is due to our students in grades 3-5 showing high levels of proficiency in language arts. Thirty-eight percent of our students are scoring in the advanced category. We are also proud to celebrate that 79% of our English Learners are showing proficiency in ELA.

“Fort Caspar Academy looks forward to our continued success utilizing THE SPALDING METHOD®.”
Nicole Rapp
Fort Caspar Academy
The Writing Road to Reading has been the core reading program at Alhambra Traditional School since our start in 1986. The methodology of the program has provided explicit, interactive, sequential and multi-sensory instruction that has grown our students into becoming proficient readers. With the utilization of the Spalding model our kindergarten students are reading by 2nd quarter! This trend continues in each proceeding grade level!

“Within each grade level the Spalding lessons build on each other in a logical order from spelling to writing to reading. This progression continues between grade levels. The continuity between grade levels enhances student achievement and confidence as they have a firm understanding of the Spalding process. Therefore, our students are able tackle the higher-level expectations of the next grade level content.

“ATS appreciates the child centered, high expectations and self-improvement of the program as it coincides with our traditional model and mission Using this program ATS has “skilled readers, critical listeners, accomplished speakers, spellers, and writers who are lifelong learners.” The Spalding Mission. Our end of the year data of 80% - 86% of our students being proficient in English Language Arts/Reading proves that The Writing Road To Reading [THE SPALDING METHOD®] is essential for all students and their success.”
Alhambra Traditional School
“As a school who has been working with Spalding International for over ten years, I can attest that our students have adapted to spelling, writing, and reading by using the strategies based on The Writing Road to Reading [THE SPALDING METHOD®]. This program is literacy based and when taught with fidelity, students become skilled readers, listeners, writers, and spellers. I have seen this several times over the past few and recently in our First-Grade classroom during an observation. I have the opportunity to observe students throughout our school and it is obvious to witness students who have gone through our Spalding Program starting in Kindergarten and continue through Fifth Grade. Their ability to spell, read and write is amazing.”
Kyrene Traditional
“The Thomas Edison Charter Schools have taught children to read, write, and spell through THE SPALDING METHOD® since we opened in 2002. We work diligently to train and support our teachers so they can teach the method with precision. Teachers and parents love the consistency across grade levels THE SPALDING METHOD® offers as well as the analytical and critical thinking skills that students learn and apply. Students are empowered as they use their reading skills to learn in all subject areas. At TECS students become accomplished readers, writers, and spellers that love to learn.”
Thomas Edison Charter Schools
“Romalda Spalding’s The Writing Road to Reading is a total Language Arts method that captures all the richness and variety of the English language. For forty years classroom teachers across America have found that it works … I enthusiastically endorse THE SPALDING METHOD® because I know that if it were taught in every classroom, illiteracy would vanish.”
Robert Sweet
Committee on Education and the Workforce
“THE SPALDING METHOD® has been a godsend for my ESL students. Many of them come to me with 'labels', but I quickly discover that their only problem is they have not been taught the alphabetic code. It is also delightful to observe the progress made by average and above average ESL students who have lacked success, but find it through Spalding. Spalding empowers students!”
Bertha Zapata
ESL Teacher
“THE SPALDING METHOD® was indispensable to me in homeschooling my four children over the last thirteen years. Simple and precise instruction in reading and writing the sounds of the alphabet paved the way for early fluent reading as well as accurate spelling and good penmanship. Guided practice in reading for content as well as reading for pleasure prepares students for comprehending even the most difficult material. Intensive student-teacher interaction makes THE SPALDING METHOD® excellent for the home environment. I highly recommend The Writing Road to Reading [THE SPALDING METHOD®] to any parent seeking a meaningful and successful home-schooling experience.”
Sim Gregory
HomeSchool Mother
Newcastle, Maine
“Benjamin Franklin Charter School (BFCS) has proudly and successfully partnered with Spalding Education International over the past 28 years. Countless students in kindergarten through 6th grade have benefitted from the Spalding program taught in our schools. As a Spalding accredited system of schools, BFCS has confidence in the value of implementing the Spalding program with fidelity. Parents and teachers are thrilled as students are propelled into a position of reading readiness which is quickly followed by proficiency in penmanship skills, accurate spelling, fluent reading, and exceptional comprehension. Highly-trained and qualified teachers guide students to access and apply these skills throughout all areas of learning during each school day.

“Unlike many other language arts programs, Spalding starts the young reader on the path to reading by introducing foundational skills in increments that build. This strategy allows for sufficient practice and leads to long-term mastery. We have witnessed many of our youngest students in kindergarten begin reading and then quickly advance to reading chapter books. In addition, our teachers have identified numerous instances in which new students enter our program struggling with poor spelling and limited writing skills and within a few short months of Spalding instruction, these students demonstrated a marked improvement.

“Student growth is not only anecdotally documented, but also empirically. The monthly Spalding Spelling Assessments has provided evidence that our students generally experience, on average, at least two years of growth each year. When reporting early literacy progress in compliance with the state of Arizona “Move on When Reading” law, the data shows that through the course of each school year, BFCS students consistently meet expected benchmarks while steadily decreasing the number of students in the at-risk category who need additional interventions. Finally, BFCS consistently scores 20% or higher above state averages in the English Language Arts category for annual state testing. This acceleration of academic ability and overall success demonstrated by data trends, indicates that the implementation of THE SPALDING METHOD® is a major influence leading to student reading proficiency and growth. We are grateful for Spalding and look forward to many more successful years as a Spalding accredited organization.”
Benjamin Franklin Charter School