Learning Spalding Phonograms with the App

spalding app screenshot
spalding app screenshot


  1. Search for “Phonograms Spalding” in the Apple App Store.
  2. Download the Spalding Phonograms app to your mobile device.


  1. Click Start Phonograms, Lesson 1-26, Phonogram Introduction
  2. Review phonograms by repeating the sounds
    • Focus on precise pronunciation
    • Do not drag out sounds or add vowel sounds to the end of consonants
  3. Once familiar with sounds, advance to Oral Phonogram Review
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for Lessons: 27-45, 46-58, and 59-70.
  5. To practice the phonograms that are causing you difficulty, click Differentiated Practice and select those difficult phonograms.
    • Review using Oral Phonogram Review