Kyrene Traditional Academy
Implemented Spalding 2012                                 
Spalding Accredited 2017
Principal  Dr. Marianne Lescher
Mascot  Tigers

Kyrene Traditional Academy is the Kyrene District’s only traditional model school.  We have been a traditional model school since 2012, serving approximately 740 students.  We are expanding to be Kyrene’s only preK-8  school, serving students through 7th grade in 2018-19 and adding 8th grade in 2019-20.  We are proud to have been recognized in 2015 as a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence in 2015 by the US Department of Education, the only Kyrene School to receive this recognition. This is the highest distinction a school can receive!   We are also an A+ School of Excellence (Arizona Educational Foundation 2015) and Chandler AZ Best Elementary School (2015).  We have been implementing Spalding since 2012 and we became Spalding Accredited in 2017.  We are so proud to have achieved this level of distinction after 6 years of hard work!  Our students excel in both academics and community service, and we know that our consistency in implementing the Spalding techniques has contributed to our continued success and excellence.  Our Spalding Certified Trainer supports teachers across grades for continuing professional development and we continue to add Spalding Certified Teachers each year.  Parents are provided opportunities for Spalding training as well and we truly value our school-parent-community partnerships.


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