Press Kit From Literacy to Arithmetic


From Literacy to Arithmetic


We've observed Spalding-taught students' math proficiency improves, causing us to conclude "The Writing Road to Reading" may also lead to more efficient math reasoning.


According to Sylvia Farnham-Diggory, "One of the most important aspects of this program ["The Writing Road to Reading"] is its emphasis upon problem solving. I have seen a number of cases, interestingly, in which children's arithmetic skills improved following a few months of training in this literacy program. I believe this is because the children transferred the analytical, problem-solving strategies they were learning in their reading classes to their arithmetic assignments. They were learning to pay close attention to details, and they were learning that rules and strategies can be invoked to deal with new problems. When they applied those same principles to arithmetic, improvement was sometimes dramatic." (Quote from "Schooling - The Developing Child" by Sylvia Farnham-Diggory, published by Harvard University Press, 1990, pages 130-131.)