Why Spalding


It's a research-based Program and is proven effective! See for yourself.


Education begins with literacy, and the inclusive and integrated The Writing Road to Reading (WRTR) program is successful at teaching literacy.


Those who undertake the courses and implement the total Spalding program frequently and consistently agree it is the best professional development they have completed. You will be astounded by the results the program universally achieves in such a short time.


WRTR is the complete package and your search for a total program in all facets of English is finally complete.


We encourage you to research all other programs. When investigating these potential programs or schools, ask these simple questions:

  1. Is the program sequential, systematic and supported by empirical evidence?
  2. Is it multi-sensory, and does it encourage deeper order thinking and problem solving?
  3. Does it teach phonetic knowledge and how does it address the rules of spelling?
  4. What writing program is used to teach the skills and structure necessary for excellence in writing?
  5. What reading program is used to ensure students appreciate quality literature and comprehend what has been read?



“The Writing Road to Reading Program provides language instruction at the sound, word, sentence, and paragraph levels. The program’s multisensory instructional delivery system develops both visual-motor and auditory processing skills required for success with language in print. Students who are instructed with this program become confident, effective readers and communicators.”

Ann Remond, PhD

Cognitive scientist

Sydney, Australia

“The language arts are considered foundational and paramount to all of the many academic skills taught at Fort Casper Academy. The Spalding Method is a structured, thorough, and consistent way for students to learn all the language skills. As a result, student proficiency in reading, writing, spelling, and comprehension is outstanding. Parents are excited about the growth they see in their children’s reading skills, and teachers are appreciative of the precise training available  through Spalding Education International.”

Randall Larson, principal

Fort Casper Academy

Casper, Wyoming

“Despite having a master’s degree in learning disabilities, I was not successful in teaching my special education students (many of whom were dyslexic) what they most wanted to learn- how to read- until I took my first Spalding course in 1985. Since that time, I have seen many angry, withdrawn, or depressed students become eager, participating learners because they finally understand how English works. As I continue to teach students who are falling through the cracks of our education system, I know that I will never stop using this wonderful method.”

Eileen Oliver

Retired special education teacher

Birmingham, Alabama