SEI hosted a Coaching 1 Course in September with great success

SEI hosted a Coaching 1 Course in September with great success. The participants learned about effective coaching strategies and a 4-step process to help overcome difficulties to enhance professional growth. An overview of the 3rd Edition Revised Teacher’s Guide was also provided to assure this valuable resource informs teachers of effective classroom instruction.

Here’s what some of the participant’s had to say:


“The Spalding Coaching Course helped me to refine my knowledge of Spalding and prepare me to coach my colleagues. The instructors were very enthusiastic and knowledgeable!”


“The coaching class helps to define the role of the mentor/coach. I enjoyed the activities/group projects because they allowed the teachers to discuss and talk about daily occurrences. Thank you for the encouragement and positive atmosphere!”


“After completing this course, I feel I have the necessary tools to assist my co-teachers in improving their instruction of the WRTR program. I’m excited to use what I’ve learned to increase student achievement at our school!”



“The strategies and activities in this course are incredibly practical. I feel better prepared to support teachers at my school site.”