Spalding Education International Releases 6th Revised Edition of "The Writing Road to Reading"


The Writing Road to Reading, a total language arts program for teaching speech, spelling, writing and reading, was first published in 1957. A recently completed four-year university study shows elementary students taught this research-based program had significantly higher achievement test scores than students using mainstream reading programs.


PHOENIX - Jan. 16, 2012 - Spalding Education International (SEI) says the just-released 6th revised edition of The Writing Road to Reading gives teachers and parents even more assistance in teaching children spelling, writing, and listening/reading comprehension. Instead of starting with minimal vocabulary basal readers, first, second and third grade students using this method are able to read such books as Where the Wild Things Are, The Velveteen Rabbit and Charlotte's Web, respectively.


The Writing Road to Reading, a research-based, total language arts approach, provides explicit instruction in how language works. The first edition of The Writing Road to Reading, published in 1957, provided instructional insights that have been corroborated over time.


"Spalding is effective because the principles and methods of instruction are well grounded in reading research," said Sylvia Richardson, MD, a professor at the University of South Florida.


Romalda Spalding wrote, "All schoolchildren deserve the most effective teaching of the basic skills of writing and reading that can be devised. Without these skills, the development of the mind, mental self-discipline and self-education, and a real appreciation of our cultural heritage are not possible."


Since Spalding's passing in 1994, SEI Director of Research & Curriculum Mary E. North, Ph.D., has assumed the role of editor of The Writing Road to Reading. This new revised edition replaces the last revised edition, published in 2003.


"Mrs. Spalding knew what she was doing," said North. "The evidence speaks loud and clear as Spalding students consistently score far beyond national norms - as proven by more than 40 years of student achievement data."


A recently completed four-year study by Arizona State University-Technology Based Learning & Research shows students using The Writing Road to Reading had significantly higher achievement test scores when compared to those using mainstream reading programs.


Major changes in the 6th revised edition include updated research on all the instructional components (including handwriting) and principles of learning and instruction that make The Spalding Method effective. In addition, the chapter titles and organization in part 1 are now aligned to SEI's "Grade-Level Teacher Guides;" the instructional strategies in chapter 2 are in outline, rather than narrative, format; and precise dialogue for cursive writing has been added.


"With The Writing Road to Reading, every parent and teacher can help children develop essential critical thinking skills and instill a love of learning and reading that will last a lifetime," said North. She adds, "The Spalding Method is also ideal for the nearly two million home-schooled children in the US."


The Spalding Method is accredited by The International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council. Last year, SEI trained more than 2,000 teachers and parents in 124 courses.


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