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Spalding Education Releases New Phonogram Sounds DVD


Having a solid phonics foundation is one of the keys to Spalding Education's integrated Writing Road to Reading curriculum. Researchers at Yale and other reading experts support phonics teaching as crucial to successful reading skills.


PHOENIX - June 27, 2013 – One of the keys to success for teachers trained in Spalding Education International's (SEI) Writing Road to Reading curriculum are the phonograms. The organization says phonics is the gateway skill to reading and language proficiency — especially for inner city, ESL/ELL and dyslexic students. To help those using The Spalding Method in the classroom or home, SEI has just released an updated version of The Writing Road to Reading Phonogram Sounds DVD. It features 87 phonograms that include the additional phonograms.



"Phonics is just the foundation of our integrated language arts approach," said SEI Executive Director for Educational Services Janie Carnal. "We build on a foundation of phonics to teach other necessary spelling, writing, reading, speaking and listening skills. This is one of the strengths of our program that correlates well with the Common Core English Language Arts Standards and extends students' academic performance."


The most current brain research supports the efficacy of phonics. Researchers at Yale University School of Medicine conducted a ground-breaking study that revealed when children are taught solid decoding skills (connecting sounds with letters) early on, and receive systematic instruction in spelling, vocabulary and comprehension, they are able to master reading with little difficulty.


According to a 1993 article by Keith E. Stanovich in The Reading Teacher, "That direct instruction in alphabetic coding facilitates early reading instruction is one of the most well-established conclusions in all of behavioral science... Conversely, the idea that learning to read is just like learning to speak is accepted by no responsible linguist, psychologist, or cognitive scientist in the research community."


"This phonograms sounds DVD is an amazing tool that I've used in my classroom to help my students," said SEI Professional Development Specialist Sydna Zilm, who recently left her kindergarten teaching position. "And I've had students use it in their homes. Because they see the phonogram card and hear the sound or sounds, they easily learn to put the phonograms and the sounds together. And there's enough time allowed for them to write it."


Zilm says she knows of parents who play the DVD in their car on the way to school to help their students remember the phonograms. On at least one occasion, she gave the DVD to a struggling student to take home. After practicing with the DVD, Zilm said this student made substantial progress.


"We know from more than 50 years of experience in providing this phonics foundation, Spalding-taught kindergartners read after a few months, and in first grade and above students read at or above grade level," added Carnal. "One of the nice by-products of such reading success is teachers' job satisfaction dramatically improves along with students' test scores."


The Writing Road to Reading Phonogram Sounds DVD features six tracks, including practice with the 17 additional phonograms. Click here to order.


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