Janie Carnal


Executive Director of Educational Services

Responsibilities and Duties:

Responsibilities include maintaining the integrity of The Writing Road to Reading program and directing the activities of: SEI curriculum development, research, professional development, outreach, certified personnel, educational consultants, and Curriculum Development Committee.


Mesa High School; Grand Canyon University (B.S. Degree in Elementary Education); Northern Arizona University (M.Ed. in Educational Leadership)

Why did you become involved in your profession or industry?:

As a young girl, I had always wanted to be a teacher. During my high school years, I was involved in teaching elementary aged children in church activities. When I entered the teaching profession, I learned about The Spalding Method in my third year of teaching. From that point on, I became a proponent of the Method and served as a Spalding program coordinator, mentor, and coach for K-8 teachers in a public school. After 25 years in teaching, I came to work at SEI in the curriculum department and have been employed at Spalding for the past 8 years.

Other Interests: 

I love music and want to become a better pianist in my retirement years. I enjoy doing simple arts and crafts projects. While on vacation, my husband and I like to take train rides through the mountains and countryside. I love the outdoors, camping, exploring, and hiking in the mountains.

Favorite Children’s Book(s): 

“Little House Books” and other historical fiction and biographies