Kerri Porter

Director of Finance and Business Operations


Responsibilities and Duties:

I have been working with schools in the business services area for over 16 years but just joined Spalding Education in Feb. 2014 as the business manager. I utilize my experience working with Arizona schools in business management by creating budgets, cash flow projections, and all other accounting functions in order to maintain current and fiscally sound financials.


Glendale Community College

Mira Costa College

University of Arizona

Why did you become involved in your profession or industry?:

I have always had an admiration for educators as both my parents and two brothers have been teachers and administrators in the local Arizona schools. Because of this, I always wanted to be involved with the education of children in some way. Although on the business side of things, I understand that everything in education flows to the child. I take responsibility in helping to provide a complete language arts program to the classroom as a very important and meaningful task. There can be nothing more important than being even a small part of the education of a child and especially so that every child can learn to read!

Other Interests: 

If I am not at Spalding, you can probably find me on a soccer field watching my two daughters play soccer or spending time with my husband and family.

Favorite Children’s Book(s): 

I love to read, and today read most of my books on a Kindle, but as a young girl, I always read many books. I think I read “Where the Wild Things Are” and “Where the Sidewalk Ends” a million times!  As a mom, I always enjoyed reading “Caps for Sale” and “Corduroy”.