New spelling notebook?

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New spelling notebook?

Postby AlexThompson » Tue Jan 18, 2011 7:02 am

I began sort of mid-year teaching Spalding to my 1st and 4th graders last year (our year begins February ending in December). I had my 4th grader write the rule pages in the beginning of his spelling notebook, and I just wrote them out on the board and discussed them with my 1st grader. I photocopied the example pages from WRR for my 1st grader to put in his binder for reference. We got started slowly as I am learning it all with them. Although my 4th grader has entered many more EA words than the 1st grader, they are both behind the scope and sequence. I had planned to just continue where I left off of the spelling words for each of them for next year (Feb.-now 2nd and 5th graders) My question is: Should I have them begin with completely new notebooks and rewrite the rule pages and start with the new words because it is a new year? Are 3rd-6th graders meant to start a new notebook rewriting the rule pages etc. each year? (They will not be thrilled about rewriting this!)
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Re: New spelling notebook?

Postby Betty » Wed Jan 19, 2011 11:23 am

Hello Alex,

Spalding recommends that children write a new spelling/vocabulary notebook each year. There will not be enough pages for another year's words if you use the one from the previous year.

Are you following the lesson objectives in the Teacher Guides? The spelling objectives are outlined for you as to what and when to enter the rule pages and words. If you are not familiar with the Teacher Guides, you can view them by going to the Spalding web site and clicking on store. Scroll down to the Guides and click on any of them to see the first day's lesson plans. Spelling, writing, and reading objectives are given for 32 weeks.

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