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Welcome! Spalding Education International (SEI) is dedicated to teaching all students to spell, write and read. SEI is the home of The Writing Road to Reading, a comprehensive K-6 total language arts program.

In The Writing Road to Reading, all elements of the language are integrated in spelling, writing, and reading lessons.

    • Phonemic awareness
    • Systematic phonics
    • High-frequency vocabulary
    • Word meanings and usages
    • Word parts
    • Grammar
    • Composition
    • Literary appreciation
    • Text structure
    • Fluency
    • Listening
    • Reading comprehension

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Course organizing request

I am interested in organizing the following course:
Multisensory Instruction of Language Arts 1 (2 weeks, Mon-Fri each week)
Multisensory Instruction of Language Arts 2 - MILA 1 or WRTR 1 is prerequisite for this course (2 weeks, Mon-Fri each week)
Parent Introduction to Spalding (1 week - evenings during school year)
Spalding for Home Educators, Part 1 (15 hours in 5-10 days)
Spalding for Home Educators, Part 2 (15 hours in 5-10 days) Part 1 is prerequisite for this course

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Class times for WRTR 1 and WRTR 2 are 8:00am to 12:30pm, unless otherwise contracted with Spalding.

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National research studies show that typically only 10% of staff development information and methodology is retained unless there is follow-up instructional support.


We offer Professional Development after teachers have completed Spalding Course 1, Multisensory Instruction of Language Arts, Part 1 (MILA 1)


Therefore, SEI offers School Professional Development to …  

 assist school staff to effectively implement the content and methodology

 facilitate consistent exemplary student achievement across all grade levels