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Welcome! Spalding Education International (SEI) is dedicated to teaching all students to spell, write and read. SEI is the home of The Writing Road to Reading, a comprehensive K-6 total language arts program.

In The Writing Road to Reading, all elements of the language are integrated in spelling, writing, and reading lessons.

    • Phonemic awareness
    • Systematic phonics
    • High-frequency vocabulary
    • Word meanings and usages
    • Word parts
    • Grammar
    • Composition
    • Literary appreciation
    • Text structure
    • Fluency
    • Listening
    • Reading comprehension

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Teach the child what is of use to a child, Rousseau said, and you will find that it takes all his time.

What is of use to a child interested in reading is explicit instruction in how the written language works - how it represents the sounds of speech, how it is produced with tools like pencils and chalk, how it signifies words and ideas. A program-specifically, the Spalding program-that provides such instruction absorbs children to an astonishing degree. It does indeed take all their time, or as much of it as teachers will allow.

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The purpose for language arts standards is to ensure that all students develop the language skills they need to lead productive and fulfilling lives. Standards define the knowledge, concepts and skills that students should be taught at every grade level. Ideally, these standards should be challenging so that students are encouraged to attain a high level of achievement.

The Writing Road to Reading is a total language arts program that includes instruction in spelling, writing, and reading. It integrates content, principles, and procedures that empower teachers and parents to be successful decision makers, equipping them with the ability to help all students learn to read and write.


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